Prepare your images for photo contests

Photo contests could be your easiest shortcut to acquire some experience in the world of photography. Lots of web-sites are encouraging the users to participate in photo contests so they can have fun, win prizes and improve their personal photography skills, so why not participate? But sometimes you may encounter problems uploading your favorite images. Modern digital cameras take very high quality photos that are great to make prints, but are not suited for the Internet. If the photo is too large, you will get an error message, start to upload it again, but still fail to do it. If your photo is too large it will be automatically rejected because of the size limitations set on most of the web-sites. But you can reduce the size of your photo with ImageConverter Plus. You can resize a single image or many images at once. You can also crop your images, control their proportions, create thumbnails, plus hundreds of other options depending on your task.