Portrait photography tips

Portrait photography is one of the most difficult ones. The success of a portrait photo is determined by the person’s similarity to the real appearance, but not just this. Professional portrait photographers are able to reveal the person’s character – they are able to capture the most attractive feature – face expression, look, etc. The success of a portrait also depends on what the subject of a photo thinks about it – it cannot be successful if he or she does not like his or her appearance. The job of a portrait painter may seem easier – if there is some defect in the person’s appearance, it’s quite possible not to “notice” it, which is hard for a photographer. Professional cameras capture all the tiny details of a person’s face no matter if they are attractive or not so. There are special effects that can be applied on photo portraits to make them look smoother – avoid wrinkles or freckles, or some uneven face color. By applying “blur effect” you make these little drawbacks less visible. There are other tips to make the portrait more successful – break common rules: experiment with the eye contact, go out of the subject’s comfort zone, break the rules of composition. Non-traditional approach to portrait photography will help avoid the necessity to introduce any additional improvements, and the subject will attract attention without any extra efforts on your side.