Dealing with vector and raster images to plan a landscape design

There are all types of different jobs, but some of them allow spending time outdoors and making our life more beautiful. We are talking about landscape designers. It’s all up to them – where to put trees, flowers, walkways and plan other important landscape details. Landscape designers need to spend time outdoors analyzing the nature around the place where they intend to fulfill their project. But before the project comes to reality it should be composed digitally to determine what it will look like. There are several types of software involved, but when choosing graphics software there is a necessity to work with vector and raster images. When designing the future landscape lines and curves created are usually saved in some vector image format which is not always good for images that contain a lot of pixels. So one needs the software able to process both types of images and convert one into another when necessary. To demonstrate the work done or the project planned online, it’s advisable to create thumbnails of landscape design images suitable for the web so that the project captures attention.