“A photograph is a memory in the raw” (Carrie Latet)

Photography is a lot of fun. The classes are often light hearted and easy to participate in. Your assignment may be to go take ten good photos of falling leaves, or to develop your favorite photo in ten different ways. Instead of writing massive research papers for your final, you may have to create a portfolio of photos on the subject of your choice. But what about sharing your professional photos with friends and family? How to show off your works of art? RAW format that is often used by photographers cannot be opened by regular users. Your photos will not open online, and cannot be shared by email. You have to decide not only how you want the image to look, but also how to find proper software to process your RAW files. Camera manufacturers usually provide special software to read and convert RAW files. Sadly, most camera manufacturers are much better at making cameras than writing software for you to use, and this is where conversion programs come in. ImageConverter Plus supports the RAW format from a wide variety of digital cameras. In need to convert RAW files into more commonly used formats you just have to choose the files you wish to convert and the output format. You can do it in batch mode processing thousands of photos at once.