Overcoming PSD format limitations

Once in a while we get feedback fr om the Photoshop users who have faced the problem of converting PSD files into other file types, so they appreciate the ability of ImageConverter Plus to edit their PSD documents. A .PSD file is a layered image file used in Adobe Photoshop – it is the default format that Photoshop uses for saving data. An image can be built up out of several layers, e.g. a foreground image against a background layer. If these layers are preserved, each layer can be edited separately – and this is what the PSD format allows. It stores an image as a set of layers, including text, masks, opacity, blend modes, color channels, alpha channels. The user can work with the images’ individual layers even after the file has been saved. Still, there are numerous needs to convert PSD into other formats, because PSD has some lim itations. In particular PSD is an application-specific format. It only works within certain applications, not useful for display on the web or other online services.ImageConverter Plus provides comprehensive support for the PSD images. With our software you can convert your PSD images into a variety of graphic formats. Conversion process is easy and flawless.