What is more important – outer appearance or inner essence?

There is always something important to scan – things for the exam, musical notes, rare materials and books – normally we have to use a scanner when we don’t have a chance to use primary source of information. When getting ready for the exam it suddenly gets obvious that you should have been present at the lectures yourself, but thanks for your fellow students – they kindly lend you their notebooks so that you can scan them to get prepared. Scanning musical notes can save your money when you want to practice a well known music composition but can’t afford purchasing the original notes. Scanning books makes sense when the book is rare but reveals some life secrets. It doesn’t always matter what the scanned version looks like when the essence is the most important thing. What matters is what you get from the inside rather than the outer shell. Still, sometimes a bad copy received from the scan can prevent you from getting the essence. If the copy looks much worse than the original it’s better to introduce some changes. Unusual background and font colors or screenshots of programs with unusual color settings really spoil the impression. ImageConverter Plus can help you by replacing colors of your scanned images. What is most important for correcting colors of a scanned image is to get the white background and a black text – this makes things easier to read and thus to get to the core.