Our goal is to save you time

When you work with graphic files processing them usually means quite complicated tasks. It’s not just a single operation, since images are rarely perfect. They often need color correction, changing dpi, adjusting brightness, etc. One of the main goals of ImageConverter Plus is to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on working with images. If resizing, changing dpi or converting an image into a different format had to be applied to a single image or a group of images individually you would spend long hours doing tedious jobs. ImageConverter Plus allows setting desired image processing parameters combining them into profiles. Each profile is a set of commands combined into one single task. Profiles can be applied to a single image or a group of image files. You don’t need to remember what each profile is used for – give it a unique name and find the necessary profile each time the same conversion needs to be performed. There are no limits to the number of tasks combined in one profile – combine them all in one! And there are no limits to the number of image files a profile can be used for.