Do photo contests require original image files?

Practically every image needs some sort of post-processing: background or light correction, image conversion to a different format, image effects application, etc. In case the image processing task is complicated, the original image file may be altered quite significantly to achieve the desired effect. If the user is very experienced, there may be no necessity to keep the original file after its processing. The resulting image will definitely surpass the original quality. Still, in case your photo is going to participate in a photo contest, there may be a stern requirement to present the original image file alongside with its modified version. This helps the organizers make sure the image really belongs to you, and that all the processing was legal. The less experienced users may need more practice to make sure the resulting image file satisfies their requirements. There may be situations where the output image format was not chosen correctly, or the image effect application was not a success. These are the main reasons for ImageConverter Plus to never delete the original files after image conversion, resize, or another operation is applied. You can specify the opposite though in case you are certain of the flawless result of the image conversion.