New vs. old

We always appreciate it when our users provide their feedback. ImageConverter Plus supports the largest number of existing image formats. Conversion of the PCX format is one of the conversions that our users like most. The PCX file format is one of the oldest pixel-based image formats. It was the default file format used by an art program called PC Paintbrush, which is now obsolete. Today PCX has largely been replaced by newer formats. Because many of today’s image-editing programs do not support the PCX format, it is likely that you will need to perform a conversion to view a PCX image that is sent to you or that you find online. You can convert a PCX image to the more common GIF format using ImageConverter Plus. GIF is an excellent format for graphics, and this is its purpose today, especially on the web, because it is small and uses very few colors. Truecolor PCX should be converted to PNG though, because GIF does not support truecolor.