New computer, old software

Christmas and New Year holidays are over. Lots of fun shared, lots of games played, happiness and joy as well and many gifts – these are the most common associations with the holiday time. We’ll talk about gifts today. A brand new computer is a common thing to receive. But getting a new computer means not just excitement, but sometimes headache as well. Some programs installed have already been paid for, so changing hardware will mean paying twice for the same thing. But this is not necessary. What to do if you had ImageConverter Plus was installed and activated on a different computer, but you can’t wait to use a new one? It is possible to use the same license you already paid for on a new computer. Changing hardware is not so infrequent, and we get requests from our users asking for assistance. There is no single solution we can offer. You should address our support service and explain why you need a new activation code. We are understanding of your specific needs.