Never enough!

There is no single graphic format that meets all needs. Images are saved in dozens of image formats, and some have advantages over others for specific purposes. Some formats are quite common, and some are very rare. To view them with no difficulty you need special software able to convert one format to another. ImageConverter Plus 8.0 provides support for more than 200 formats and format dialects. Extending the number of supported graphic formats is one of our main goals. We never stop looking for more of them, very rare ones, and have recently added 17 new image formats: DICOM (now allowing to save images in this format), Compuserve RLE, Biorad confocal image, MTV Raytracer, Psion series 3 bitmap, PVR NEC PowerVR texture, Amiga Interchange File, Cineon Image File Format, Dr. Halo, FlashPix Format, Direct Draw Surface, Silicon Graphics Image, SUN Raster File, Utah RLE raster, VICAR Video Image Communication and Retrieval, Wavefront RLA, OTA Nokia Logo Bitmap File format. View the complete list of image formats provided by our software. And this list will be constantly expanded!