Making your way through documents and images

ImageConverter Plus is known to be a comprehensive tool for processing images of a
variety of graphic formats. The software can perform multiple image manipulation and format conversion operations and has become the leader in this field. What ImageConverter Plus is not though, is a text and document processor. Nevertheless, fCoder Group, Inc. offers you our other product – Universal Document Converter. We are happy to present its new version – 5.2 which offers a quick document conversion toolbar that automatically plugs into MS Office applications; more options working with PDF files; redevelopment of the product’s public API. Universal Document Converter is the software for converting documents into images. Apart from PDF there are 7 output graphic formats supported – TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF, and BMP. Which format is right for you depends on how you’ll be using and storing the documents you’ve created.