Making your travel photos more portable

When on vacation we often feel like we don’t want to leave. But we have to one day, and all is left is your photos. While traveling one probably takes more photos than anywhere else. Indeed, sometimes 2 weeks in some exotic place are worth a year or more of memories. Travel photos bring back the most enjoyable memories. Taking photos nowadays provides a lot of opportunities as well as some difficulties as well. Apart fr om the standard JPEG format that is very universal and device independent some digital cameras give the users an option to shoot in RAW and TIFF formats. These image formats enable the photographers to take high quality photographs, but require post-processing. They are much larger than JPEG images and cannot be uploaded to the web albums and can only be viewed with special software. ImageConverter Plus can convert practically any image format to JPEG. There are no lim its to the number of images to be converted – we can process hundreds if not thousands of digital photos at once. What you need to do is to add the photos to the converter and . choose JPEG as an output format. When sending photos to your relatives and friends via email ImageConverter Plus can help you providing a direct access to your email account. Thus, immediately after converting your photos you can send them to anyone you like to share your happiness and joy.