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There are so many different maps – maps of the continents, the world map and even the map of the solar system. The maps can either be still images or interactive. Have you ever thought about the way they are created? It’s not just a matter of putting all the necessary information there which is quite amazing. It’s also a matter of graphics processing. There are different resources that help create a decent map, but it’s hard without proper image processing software. The maps can be saved in a variety of image formats depending on the task. When the map is saved in JPEG format and in a high resolution you can get professional quality results for printing. It can be easily resized to lower resolutions for use on the web and can be easily cropped. There are more map variations – flight airlines map, branch office presentation location map, map of the spreading out infection , etc. where some of them are interactive. Then depending on the task there is a necessity to convert images in between a variety of formats. The EPS format for instance is perfect for enlarging vector images. If you intend to use the map for school or other place where a huge print-out version is needed, EPS is the way to go. The EPS format will provide you with an amazing amount of political details or specific details of certain cities, landscape features, such as mountain ranges or bodies of water. ImageConverter Plus can be an effective tool when you need to convert your images from one format to another. Converting JPEG to EPS is one of the tasks ImageConverter Plus can effectively perform.