Making it easier to edit logos and other small images

BMP is the image format considered standard for Windows. It is called “device independent” meaning that the bitmap specifies pixel color in a form independent of the method used by a display. Bitmapped images are uncompressed, and when they are displayed they are really close to the originals. This comes at the expense of a file size which is significantly larger than JPEG. But still, sometimes there is a necessity to convert JPEG to BMP . Although JPEG is a standard and universal format there are cases when processing BMP has advantages over JPEG. BMP is more appropriate for icons, logos and other images where editing each pixel retaining image information is of major importance. ImageConverter Plus makes it possible to convert JPEG to BMP. The available color depth is from monochrome up to 32 bit true color. Conversion can be performed for a single image as well as huge image batches.