Make the software remember your most complicated conversion jobs

ImageConveter Plus Scheduler is in its final stage of testing. If you regularly need to convert the files into a variety of file formats used for different purposes, this is what you will appreciate. Working on digital images from different devices you often end up with a variety of extensions, which usually need to be converted into a particular format to view, print, post on the web, send e-mail etc. You no longer have to keep in mind which conversion parameter is required for a specific purpose. Setting the desired parameters once, you will make ImageConverter Plus remember your conversion tasks and their details. The software will follow the chosen folders and will convert new files according to your preferences. You have the choice of running the conversion job at a specific time, day and date, running it periodically, or setting other parameters. Take advantage of this option that will allow you to forget all the conversion programs, including the Scheduler itself. The conversion process will be completely automated.