How to make a four-footed gorilla stand up straight

Image proportions in general make an influence on the image ability to communicate. The most common image is a square, but if you make it rectangular it can create a specific effect useful for taking pictures of architectural buildings – it ensures that the high rise buildings look really high, for example. When resizing an image proportions are of vital importance. This is one of the tasks the users face and this is one of the tasks the software successfully solves. The content of the image is enlarged or more commonly decreased to fit the desired size. But while the image pixels and colors are modified, the image content is left unchanged. Resizing an image means that there is a certain area into which the image needs to be fitted. But will the image look perfect? And what if you want to stretch the image that was not supposed to be stretched? If there is a need to make a large poster out of an image you will need to enlarge it significantly. But when stretching an image you need to be really careful – the image should not be significantly distorted, and its quality should not be deteriorated. Command-line of ImageConverter Plus gives you a choice whether or not proportions of an image should be kept or ignored. Default settings keep the original proportions unchanged unless you specify the opposite.