Make all color profiles device independent

Digital photography turns colors into numbers. These numbers represent either the way the human eye perceives color, or the way the printer creates them, or the way colors are reflected on a computer monitor. There are several color models. RGB is the color model based on 3 colors (red, green, and blue). They are mixed together to create other colors. CMYC is a color model which is based on the cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks used in most commercial color printing (books, magazines, etc.). CIELAB and CIE XYZ are similar color models designed to approximate human vision. They include a lot of colors and are based on transference of one color model into another (for example, RGB to CMYC). A color space is a specific implementation of a color model. There are many RGB and CMYK color spaces. A color profile is a numerical model of a color space. Various systems and devices need to have access to a specific color profile to represent it correctly. It may happen that same color is reflected differently on a different device. Monitors use additive color created by light and have a wider color gamut or range of colors. Printers use a subtractive color method through manmade pigments. Some profiles are device independent though, but you won’t know for sure before you start using them on different devices. ImageConverter Plus lets you choose from several color management options: ignore color profile; use built-in color profile, use external color profile. Nothing will happen to the colors themselves, but this will make them device independent retaining the highest level of accuracy in their representation.