Lost and found

Appropriately naming and choosing a secure location for saved files and documents facilitates backup of your important files and makes retrieval of those files at a moment’s notice. Command-line of ImageConverter Plus offers several options for naming resulting images. The first option refers to destination. It specifies the path to folder you want to store your converted image. Another option is a template. You specify the preferences for file parameters depending on the purpose of their further use. Take it seriously. It’s important for finding your converted files. It may happen that you’ve done a lot – converted, resized your image, applied image effects. A month later you need that file and can’t remember what you called it let alone where you filed it – it can be on your PC, laptop, or even USB. You never know… It’s also important for helping others. A file name should be clear to everyone. If you are out of office and someone else needs a file he or she should be able to find it easily.