A good way to look older if you really want to

Young people would like to look older, while old people would like to look younger, which is more common and understandable. If you do a search on the Internet, you will find lots of tips on how to look several years younger – what color of hair to choose, what makeup to use, what clothes to wear, etc. Trying to look older is typical for teenagers, though otherwise is not a regular preference. Photographs are another story. Adding some “aging” effect to photos will help them stand out. Making the photos older than they are can demonstrate how a regular photo taken yesterday can look like a scan of an old snapshot from the early 1900s. This effect is called “sepia” and changes a regular modern photo into a yellowed old one. Sepia effect can help the photographer achieve the desired impression when it’s necessary for the photo subject. Sometimes it’s just fun to imagine what a certain landscape would look like decades ago. The sepia effect helps create some dramatic look depending on the composition.