Journey into the past

It is so important to know your family background. It can give you a sense of who you are and where you’ve come from. If you have old photos – pictures of your grandparents’ wedding, or your great-grandfather at work in the fields, or a family Christmas celebration, keep these photos for future generations. But no matter how carefully packed or protected, these photos are decaying. There are scratches and tears, and the colors are fading. The only way to make sure that your old family photos survive is to scan and digitally restore them. After the scan is complete, your photos will be saved in different image formats, usually TIFF or JPEG files. ImageConverter Plus will help you standardize them (making them of the same image format and resolution), organize them into galleries, resize them to send to your relatives by email, etc. It’s one of the ways to connect with your family’s history that provides a feeling of heritage and meaning to your life.