Introducing the clipboard functionality

ImageConverter Plus is known for its easy-to-use interface. All the features involved are aimed at simplifying the use of our converter. Most of the operations we offer can be performed via a couple of clicks – and this is what our users appreciate a lot. Practically all the features of ImageConverter Plus are “batch-oriented”, meaning that this tool can process large numbers of image files regardless of their size, in several minutes. But the necessity to convert or resize a single image is pretty frequent as well, and the users, especially the users who have just purchased the converter, like to experiment adding images or image folders, trying right-click options , experimenting with image formats, etc. Copying things from clipboard is more common for documents rather than image files. Still, this option exists with ImageConverter Plus. You can save a single image, or several images to clipboard (and the images may be saved in different image formats), and then you can just copy images from clipboard and will find them in the image converter interface. You can then apply any of the profiles previously saved in the software on these images.