Increase or reduce the number of colors in an image

Different image formats allow various color depth values. Color depth refers to the number of pixels assigned to a photograph. Color depth can go up to 16 million different colors and in general, describes the range of colors a photograph can have. Still, color depth does not determine the quality of a photograph. Photographic quality depends on several factors, where color depth matters in combination with dpi. The higher the DPI, the more color depth numbers are assigned. Color bit depth refers to the number of bits used to describe the color of a single pixel. The bit depth determines the number of colors that can be displayed at one time. ImageConverter Plus helps change color depth of images of different formats increasing or decreasing it. When someone wants to decrease the color depth, this is usually done for the purpose of space saving as well as digital noise removing of scanned documents. Increasing color depth may be important when one tries to modify a game to use higher quality textures; but color depth needs to be increased to allow the game to read them properly. Image formats on which color depth control can be applied on, include: BMP , JPEG, PNG,TGA, and others.