Image database with preview mode

Online databases are very popular nowadays. Practically each website has one or another type of a database providing the visitors with dynamic information to gather, hold and share. If you plan to create your own database containing images, ImageConverter Plus can be very useful for making their thumbnails. Thumbnails are the miniatures of the full-sized images. A well-created thumbnail gallery ensures the website traffic and your customers’ satisfaction. Creating thumbnails with ImageConverter Plus makes it possible to add the image description to each of your photos, so one can make a digital database with images where their full-sized versions are easily available. To create an image database you should specify the desired image size and resolution. Thumbnail images can be created virtually fr om any image format. There are practically no lim its to the formats that can be converted to JPEG. JPEG is the most common image format appropriate for the web. JPEG compression ensures decent quality images with rather small image size. So if your database implies images of rare or very old formats you can convert these images to JPEG and upload them online.