If your task is to post-process your images

Although BMP format is considered to be quite historic, it is an important graphics file standard. The BMP image format is a general-purpose format designed to accommodate images of any size. The main advantage of this format is that each pixel is usually independently available for any alteration or modification. Scanning and all image post-processing can be successfully done using BMP. Only after all the post-processing is complete should JPEG or another compressed format be chosen. It is also a good choice of file format for archival purpose because it preserves full image quality. The main disadvantage is that the file size is much bigger compared to JPEG, GIF or other lossy compression schemes. With ImageConverter Plus you can easily convert lots if image formats to BMP format. Although BMP format was initially developed for Windows, other platforms (Macintosh, UNIX, Linux etc.) can also read its files. Learn more about this format here: https://www.imageconverterplus.com/help-center/about-icp/supported-formats/bmp/