How to save a long distance relationship

Long distance relationship can be trying. If your loved one is far away you don’t know how they are going, and there is no frequent reassuring conversations between both of you. But every day millions of people have no choice but to deal with being miles apart from each other. No matter how difficult this relationship is to maintain, you can take steps in order to ensure that it will last. Apart from calling each other, sending text and e-mail messages you can carry photos of the two of you or your loved one everywhere you go by means of creating a photo album for your cell phone. No matter how long you will have to stay away from each other it’s important to remember the good times you shared and focus on happy memories. Creating a photo album for your cell phone is not always easy. Not every single image that looks great on your computer will look good on your cell phone. You may find out that your images are quite large and need to be resized. Before you resize your photo, make sure to crop it. Cropping is a good way of improving the image composition. You can select the most interesting part and even cut a portrait format out of a landscape format picture. You can do all this with ImageConverter Plus.