How to get yourself known as an artist

Art is more likely to be a passion rather than a job. The decision to become an artist is usually based on the strong desire to create and to bring out the way you see things and interpret them on canvas. But sooner or later the necessity to get some money for what you are doing becomes of vital importance. How to sell the paintings? There are several methods one can use all at the same time. Try to negotiate with the local art galleries; asking a friend or a family member to help find buyers for your works of art would also be a good way. Furthermore, social networking sites are also a great way to find potential customers. But the most effective solution is to find national and international online resources that help people from around the world see your works of art and purchase them. To display them online you need high quality thumbnail photos of the paintings. ImageConverter Plus offers advanced resize options that allow pertaining the highest possible image quality reflecting all the advantages of your work of art. Be sure to adjust the resulting image quality – the available quality control ranges from 25 till 100 of the original image file. You should present your pieces of art the way that every website visitor will want to open the full-sized images of their thumbnail versions.