How to create and use conversion profiles with no programming experience at all

Manipulating images can be quite a tedious job, especially if there are hundreds of them and you have to do that manually. You might be looking for an alternative able to convert, resize, add a watermark and perform other useful operations automatically. It should also be flexible. ImageConverter Plus empowers you to automate complex repetitive tasks with ease. You can create your own profile or use the most commonly used ones that we have introduced into the software. Once developed, profiles will help you save time by running complex processes in seconds. All you need to do is launch the program, add new files to the image list, choose the desired profile from the list of created ones and add more operations if necessary. Press “start” and wait till the conversion is finished. Now this profile is available for conversion. Next time select this profile and all images will be converted in accordance with its settings. More detailed information is available at: