How your personal photos can make you vulnerable

Have you ever thought about the fact that people might know more about you than you wish they should? It is one thing when you post lots of information and photos of yourself and your family on the web and really want to get attention. But it’s another story when you have no idea that strangers can find out the exact place where you live, where you work, where you park your car, where your children play, when you are at home, and when you are not. Have you ever thought how vulnerable you are when you upload your photos and lots of other personal information on the web? The fact is that practically each photo that comes fr om a modern camera or cell phone keeps the geotag information. It stores latitude and longitude coordinates for the place where the photo was taken. It’s nice for some things – for example, you can search for a picture shot in a particular locale or create an interactive map of your latest vacation showing not only where you went, but also images fr om points along the route. But it’s not as nice when everyone knows what school your children go to, what type of camera you have, what car you drive, what’s new in your house, and lots of other personal information. We are happy to present our newest product – Geotag Security. It allows scanning and removing the geotag information from the photos on your hard drive which is completely invisible to you but might be easily obtained by anyone who wants to get it. The more advanced version – Geotag Security Pro – will monitor your computer for all the future photo uploads and will remove the geotag information automatically unless you specify the opposite for some photos wh ere you want to leave it.