How one can find out your home address just from a single photo posted online

When we take picture we try to show them to as many people as possible, especially if there is something special in a photo. Taking pictures is a lot of fun and creativity. We ask friends to take photos of ourselves; we take photos of friends or random people, and nowadays what we do most often is we upload them to different online resources. It’s really pleasant when even strangers can comment on professional level of photo, or good looking photo subjects. Friends upload photos to their own albums, send us links and there is nothing like a random photo – it just looks more natural than when we try to look better for a specific shot. Very few people though realize how much information each image file contains. This information is not so obvious, but can be easily obtained with image editing software or even by Windows means (e.i. context menu). Apart fr om image characteristics (camera settings), date the photo was taken and camera model used most digital cameras may also show the exact location of the place where the image was taken. No privacy! Each time you upload a picture of yourself taken at home to some social network, you inform everyone wh ere exactly you live! We don’t mean the name of the town – we mean the exact address – latitude and longitude thanks to the GPS coordinates or geotags that are built-in in the modern cameras. Are you sure you want everyone to know your home address? And not just that – the location of everything and everyone you take photos of (longitude and latitude) will be obvious to strangers having sometimes good and sometimes, unfortunately, not so good intentions. The latest version of ImageConverter Plus is equipped with the function that enables the users to edit EXIF/IPTC data including the information related to GPS coordinates. Download ImageCovnerter Plus. Go to the EXIF/IPTC section; choose tag type EXIF (GPS); choose tag name or ID and decide whether or not you want to completely delete this information before posting photos online. We would advise you to carefully think about the security issues if you are a social networks user. The pictures will look the same – there will be just no privacy issues involved. We also advise you to download our specialized software Geotag Security which will monitor your files and delete this unnecessary information before strangers get to know it.