How many colors make up the rainbow?

The definition of color in a graphics is not really that simple. Sometimes it would be so desirable to distinguish color variations like the ones in the rainbow. But digital images not only distinguish different colors – they also have so-called color spaces. There are two variations of color spaces- CMYK which means Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black, and RGB that means three colors – Red, Green and Blue. The latter one is typical of scanners and digital cameras, while the first combination is normally used in printing press where the full color mode is required. Whether to choose the RGB or CMYK mode is an individual decision. The most common need to convert CMYK to RGB is related to Photoshop usage and the color space used in one or another image format. Though ImageConverter Plus can easily perform CMYK to RGB conversion and vice versa, you should avoid multiple conversions and bear in mind that some color details will be lost with each conversion process. If some color corrections are necessary then perform those in the RGB mode before converting RGB to CMYK.