How many beads can you put on one thread?

Our software is not just a regular converter. Not only do we offer hundreds of image formats to successfully convert, we also have plenty of other image processing operations. You can correct brightness and contrast, amend image colors, edit EXIF/IPTC data, and choose from dozens of other features. Each time you upload an image that needs to be processed by ImageConverter Plus, you can specify as many image processing operations as you wish and combine them into a single profile! Make the profile either too complicate, or too simple. Experiment with image effects, rotate your images, resize them, try different formats’ specifications. Each profile will remember the unique commands you gave to ImageConverter Plus. And each command will be fulfilled obediently. You won’t have to recall what components your profile consists of. Give your profile a unique name, save it, and next time same task has to be repeated you simply click on the profile in the pop-up menu. If it’s still confusing, there is another solution. Our website offers profiles ready for downloading. When you search some specific operation, for instance, adding signature to images, not only will you find a detailed article, but you will also find a profile ready to be downloaded and tested. When you right-click it, it will be saved according to your preferences, and when you want to see what it means, simply click it next time from the chosen directory.