Graphics benefits of LAN

Every business uses its own local network. It’s a special system that allows access to the documents and graphic files from different computers belonging to the same organization. It’s very effective when the same document or the same application is available to everyone without the necessity to more around, send the files by email, copy them on portable devices, etc. LAN is the advanced means of sharing information. It saves time and efforts and makes the workflow much more productive. Understanding that ImageConverter Plus is widely used by our corporate customers, we have made it possible to perform image conversion within LAN. LAN usually enables file transference, but it’s not so common to process graphic files without leaving the network. Large companies that work with graphic files on a professional level will appreciate the ability to access the graphic files from every computer within LAN and make the necessary file processing. The interface of ImageConverter Plus allows sending converted images directly to LAN so that every interested party can benefit from the flawless image conversion options.