Go beyond the simple abilities of your cell phone

Cell phone photography is seen as casual or even frivolous at times. It’s a quick way to record a one-armed self portrait, or to take a quick photo of something so you won’t forget. They’ve become the equivalent of the disposable camera. You can take them everywhere with you, and the pictures are completely throwaway. But you can change this situation with your particular cell phone. Why not create a wonderful high quality photo collection so that everyone would be jealous? There are several ways to do this. Image Converter Plus can convert and process desktop wallpaper collection files called webshots. These are the best and the highest quality photos taken by professional photographers. You can convert these photos to JPEG, resize them if necessary and upload them to your cell phone to surprise others with your photography skills. Or you can create a retro photo collection, i.e. your family history album. These are old black and white photos scanned and saved with the help of ImageConverter Plus in a variety of graphic formats – usually TIFF or JPEG. Standardize these photos, resize them and again send them to your cell phone via email or with a special device. This will make your cell phone very different from other ones no matter how advanced or simple it is.