Give new life to your old photos

Do you want to extend the life of all those cherished family photos that have been collecting dust in the family album for years? Maybe you are trying to organize them for an elderly family member or present them in a special memory album at the next family reunion? Scanning old photos is a great way to preserve memories and reduce clutter. When you convert old prints into digital pictures and store them on the computer, you get to see them more frequently. You also have more opportunities to share them with friends and family. When you scan your photos there are a variety of image formats photos can be saved in. How to choose the right one? As far as quality goes TIFF is probably the best, but the files are really large; BMP is great because there is no quality lost from the scan. JPEG provides great compression rates, but with some quality degradation. For the web this quality loss is generally not a problem due to the image size and screen resolution. If you are going to print your images you may want to choose a lossless format such as TIFF or BMP. With TIFF you can also compress the file using a built in lossless algorithm, which can greatly reduce file sizes, although generally not as much as JPEG. Whatever format you choose you can easily perform conversion in between a variety of graphic formats supported by ImageConverter Plus. You don’t have to stick with just the one of them – try different options, keep your photos on CDs or online – with our software all is possible to keep your memories alive.