Give some fresh look to an old-style format

GEM Raster Image file format (file extension .img) is a fairly ancient format. This is the native format for storing bitmaps in the GEM graphic user interface system that was popular on PCs in the 1980s. GEM stands for Graphical Environment Manager, which is one of the early types of graphical user interfaces that were loaded into primitive operating systems. GEM Paint was its digital image program. GEM Raster Image file format handles monochrome and gray level images. Files with the .img file extension use pixels, or little rectangles of varying colors, to create one whole image that appears realistic to the eye. GEM is the save file format used by GEM Paint and Ventura Publisher. Since the format is quite old there is a need to find the ways to convert the .img files into more common file types which can be easily performed by ImageConverter Plus.