One more way to get incredible details that would otherwise never exist

When people talk about HDR, they usually mean multi-shot HDR photography, or pseudo-HDR photography. Multiple shots of the same subject at different exposure levels are then merged to create one HDR image. On the face of it, it is nothing more than illusion and result of image manipulation. While it is very exciting, it should not be taken for real single-shot HDR photography. Contemporary cameras are being steadily improved in this respect. As the time passes we will see more devices able to produce real one-shot HDR images. Comparing pseudo and real HDR images one cannot fail to see the amazing difference. Pseudo-HDR photographs can look realistic and fantastic at the same time, but real single-shot HDR photography can do a lot of good for you as a photographer. With ImageConverter Plus you can process pseudo- as well as real HDR images of several graphic formats: PSD, EXR, HDRI, DDS, DPX, TIFF, PFM.