Game characters customization methods

Although TARGA (.tga) image format is not so popular nowadays, the necessity to use it as an output image format still exists. The TGA format is widely used in the game industry: still-video editing, game characters customization, etc. The TGA format is able to represent bitmap images ranging fr om black-and-white, indexed color, and RGB color. It also supports a variety of compression algorithms. TGA images can be both compressed and uncompressed. ImageConverter Plus allows converting images to the TGA format applying RLE compression and also controlling color depth options. Quantization parameter reduces the number of distinct colors used in an image while preserving visual image quality. Quantization parameter can accept a whole number from 0 to 8. TGA also supports transparency. Although major image processing software programs are able to view the TGA image files, converting to TGA from other image formats is not so common, but necessary for online games users creating game characters. Some games won’t recognize JPEGs for textures with a strong preference to TGA. Also, TGA could have higher resolution textures with a smaller quality loss. Use ImageConverter Plus to convert images from different image formats to TGA. Image conversion from JPEG to TGA can be applied on as many images as you wish – there are no lim itations for the folder size or the image size.