Future-proof your old files

Has it ever happened to you that you find some really outdated image files saved in old image formats not really remembering their types, but want to open them and use them again? This is such a common feedback we receive from our users who are grateful to ImageConverter Plus for giving them a helping hand. If you are unable to find any program that will open your files ImageConverter Plus will help you convert some very obscure or proprietary graphics files into more widely used formats like JPEG, TIFF, or BMP. After conversion there will be many options available – like sharing unique graphics on the web, or adding special effects to images. Remember that technology is always changing, and while there is no way to anticipate changes that will cause a file format to fall into obscurity, so it’s up to you to future-proof your graphics. Every few years, take stock of your files and convert what is important to the common format of the day – you can save yourself some frustration.