Enlarge your images without losing image quality

When talking about image resize, what is usually implied is the image size reduction. Normally, image resize is necessary when the photos seem to be large for sending via email or being uploaded to the website. Situations when the images need to be enlarged are infrequent, but quite possible. Let’s say some successful shot can be turned into a photo contest advertisement; or one would like to create a poster out of a certain image. The main goal when completing this task is to retain the highest possible image quality, which is not so easy. The image may come out blurred and pixilated. Image resize is one of the strengths of ImageConverter Plus. When enlarging the image, our main goal is to keep the highest possible image quality, though some quality loss will still take place. The image quality depends a lot on the image format. Vector images are easier to enlarge than bitmaps, where each pixel has its own color information. When you enlarge a bitmap image, the pixels themselves don’t get stretched, but new blank pixels are inserted to increase the size. This never happens to the vector images. Still, we offer advanced resize options: there are two methods to choose from: “bilinear” and “nearest neighbor”. Choose the bilinear method that will ensure the best possible image quality. It will take a bit longer to enlarge your image, but the quality will be worth the wait.