An easy way to create a website icon

The ICO format is widely used in the web and was developed to create desktop and menu icons. You can come across the examples of the ICO format everywhere – favicons (“favorite icons”) appear next to a website’s name and allow websites and applications to use instantly recognizable symbols. It’s a rare webmaster who would not want to create a special icon for the website to invite more customers. If the webmaster cares about the originality of his resource, he will surely make a special icon for it. Designers use icons to create breath-taking designs and decorate their desktop as well. Most software programs contain ICO files as default icons as a part of the installation package. Windows has a set of icons that are automatically assigned for specific file types. But you are not limited with these choices. When looking at the website of ImageConverter Plus, you will find the information that the ICO format is among the ones where you can save your images. Still, it’s not among those when you launch the program. The thing is that the software ImageConverter Plus itself has not been intended for such type of image conversion, while our graphics engine enables the users to convert images to the ICO format when developing their own software applications. You can make use of this option and include the ICO format conversion in your own developments.