Download and convert professional photos

Have you ever seen a picture that you really liked while browsing the web, and wanted to save it on your computer or share with someone? Webshots cannot always be viewed by standard Windows means. They are normally saved in the following file extensions: .WBZ, .WBC, .WB1, .WBD, which are not user friendly. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, because there are a few ways to work with these files. The best way to open and use them is by using special software like ImageConverter Plus. ImageConverter Plus is capable of opening the files that end with the extensions of .WBZ, .WBC, .WB1, .WBD, and the program has succeeded in converting these files into more user friendly image compression files. We offer two ways of converting webshot files: creating a pack of JPEGs with source file names, when JPEG files can be viewed with all popular viewers separately or in a slideshow mode; creating a multipage TIFF file. What you get is a compact file to store your collection. Do you wish you knew how to use your digital camera to take better digital photos but, you think it’s too technical or difficult to figure out? Choosing one of the options we offer you get access to the best images made by professionals and learn the art of photography from them.