Does every pixel matter in a picture?

The most common bitmap file format is BMP, while there is another file extension .pbm, and the two are easy to confuse with each other. The PBM format was one of the first ones developed to send bitmap files by email. Now it serves as the common language of a large group of bitmap conversion filters. The BMP format also has a long history and was developed to allow Windows to display bitmaps on various devices. The device-independency made it possible for BMP to represent colors correctly. A bitmap in general is the type of graphics, where each pixel (bit) contains some color information. Each individual pixel contains some unique color value. When they are mixed together, they comprise a photo. Resizing a bitmap may result in image distortion due to the fixed resolution bitmaps have. ImageConverter Plus provides support for both types of bitmap formats. The BMP format is supported for both input and output conversion. Even though bitmap images are in the RGB color space, they are not supported by any web browsers or web coding languages. Therefore, they are not suitable for use as images in a Web application. Bitmaps work best for Windows applications and are not really suitable for print.