Product images should say to the viewer: “Buy me”

Catalogues are used when the product line is enormous. Their main goal is to display the product line whether it’s food, clothes, furniture, toys, etc. A catalog consists of everything that you possibly can offer – usually pictures of the products. The main advantage of a catalogue is its graphic presentation – the better the products look, the more chances the salesperson gets to sell them with profit. Select images wisely. They should identify your company as a reliable one. They should be well captured ensuring your company’s credibility. To ensure high quality photos and productive sales followed one needs to do some graphics processing with images. In case the photos are supposed to be printed out, dpi of the images should be adjusted for printing purposes. In case they will be posted online, the best solution to attract potential clients is to create high quality thumbnails. ImageConverter Plus is the professional image converter able to process graphic files in batch mode. In case you have thousands of images of products intended for a catalogue, they can all be processed at once and optimized for a successful product (or online shop) presentation.