Create a 3D perspective photo

Whatever 3D refers to – a movie, a game, a program – they become attention capturers. The new tendency in modern technology is to create things as close to reality as possible or even exceed it. Old movies are now converted into their 3d versions; more 3d games are developed, etc. If there is a choice between something trivial and 3d, the choice is usually in favor of the latter one. 3d effect evolves more emotions and impresses us with the graphics. Surprisingly, but photos can also be “renovated” in this respect and become 3d. This can be fulfilled via the emboss effect of ImageConverter Plus. Photos with emboss effect are not really common, but may add a regular photo an absolutely different perception. Emboss effect is designed to “raise” the main part of the image against its background. Thus, you will get beautiful landscapes of mountain reliefs, or cave drawings in their most realistic forms. An embossed photograph can serve as a sentimental gift for special occasions such as a wedding, an anniversary or a new birth. Embossing can bring a sense of elegance to a photograph and create a lovely conversation piece for your home.