How to convince others that ghosts exist

What do you think first when see an image that is ghost-like, meaning that it does not look realistic and has colors inverted in a weird way? In the era of digital photography we barely remember what a negative of a photo looks like. It used to be an exciting process to develop a film, look through the tiny shots and try to figure out what they will look like when developed. If your kids have never seen a film camera, have never developed a film, and have no idea what a non-digital image looks like, you can turn a regular photo into a negative with a special negative effect offered by ImageConverter Plus. Not only can you demonstrate the young generation what type of photography existed prior, but you can also use this feature to create special effects. Apply this effect to transform image colors to unconventional ones. E.g. shades of blue will become shades of red and light shades will become dark.