Convey your emotions and feelings through photography

What can be done to a photograph to make it match what we saw? This is an important question because it addresses the differences between what we see and what the camera captures. This difference is not only notable, it is also damaging to the reality we see because the camera introduces numerous changes to this reality. With the help of HDR photography it becomes possible not only to match what we saw, but also to express how we felt when we took the photograph. High dynamic range images contain much more lighting information than standard images. HDR images accurately depict an extreme range of luminosity from the brightest direct sunlight to the deepest darkest shadows. ImageConverter Plus developers have improved support of HDR images. The software allows converting and processing HDR images saved in the PSD format. Thus, there will be more information in the resulting images than what the camera was able to capture. Your images will be visually rich and full of details.