Converting vector to bitmap with a couple of mouse clicks

We are thankful to everyone who submits their feedback. ImageConverter Plus seems to help in numerous situations – whether with regular conversion jobs, or with quite rare image processing tasks. WPG file format was developed by WordPerfect – a word processing application, now owned by Corel. It is primarily a vector graphic format, but it can store both bitmap and vector data. The WPG files may contain millions of colors. WordPerfect Graphic Files are created by presentations or by converting images from other formats. Presentations and WordPerfect can read WPG files directly, but not all the graphic applications support WPG files. With ImageConverter Plus you can convert your WPG images into JPEG and a variety of other graphic formats. The only advice we can give is not to discard your wpg files. They are in a vector format, which means that you can scale to 40×40 pixels or 1000×1000 pixels with zero loss in quality. Once you convert them to Jpeg, GIF, Tiff, PNG, etc. you lose that ability. But ImageConverter Plus never deletes your source images unless you wish to do the opposite.