How to convert a text into an image

Converting text into an image is not the most common conversion task. We can hardly think of situations when it’s really necessary – sometimes it’s useful when you want to put some important text on a website, but don’t want someone else able to easily take it and put it on their own; or perhaps you want to list some email addresses but want to prevent their owners from being spammed (thus you prevent the addresses from being easily copied and pasted into someone else’s resources). But situations like those described are infrequent, and although there are programs that can help the users fulfill the task, ImageConverter Plus does not support this option. Still, we offer an alternative for dealing with text and images. Saving a text as an image is more common when someone wants to have a “hard copy” of the text document. In this case the document is saved as a TIFF image file. This guarantees that the text won’t be lost or damaged. If that’s what you would like to do, use our affiliate program Universal Document Converter. There are numerous options for dealing with text files of different formats. You can convert Word files to TIFF, PDF, or JPEG depending on your priorities.