Convert images to DDS with mipmaps

Although the DDS image format may not be known to every user (it is not so popular like JPEG, PDF, or RAW), this image format is widely used, especially in the game industry. The DDS file format stands for “Direct Draw Surface.” It’s an image format designed for use with the DirectX video program. Unlike other image compression formats, DDS files remain compressed in memory. This is especially helpful when you are trying to cram as many textures as possible into a limited amount of video card RAM. Mipmapping is one of the advantages of the DDS format. It is a widely used technique in 3D programming and game development. Almost all games use mipmapping. It describes the level of detail that is a necessary consideration in terms of presenting your scene. A mipmap is a sequence of textures, each of which is a progressively lower resolution representation of the same image. Mipmapping improves the quality of rendered textures at the expense of using more memory. ImageConverter Plus is used a lot for game characters creation. When saving a file in the DDS format with the help of ImageConverter Plus (when the “Generate mip maps” option is selected), mipmaps are additional texture map sizes that are created. But you should note that to use the DDS format successfully with mipmap levels option, the size of the image you are saving should be equal to a power of two (128, 512, 1024 etc.). To fulfill this requirement, you can try various operations: crop, resize , canvas.